St. Matthew’s Church, Drumavaddy.

Mass Times.                         Mass Intentions.

Sat 13th May (7:30pm)            John Pat Cahill M.M.M    

Mon 15th May (7:15pm)            Rose Galligan

                                                Requested by Adoration & Rosary Group.

Wed 17th May (8:00pm)           James & Margaret Nulty, Crimlin                     

Sat 20th May (7:30pm)            Packie Galligan 3rd Anniversary.                        


The symbols for the Holy Spirit.

The symbols for the Holy Spirit are; Wind, Fire, Breath and Dove. The Church has used symbols as a silent language; a 'talking picture' in days when kings were illiterate and when printing was an undreamt concept. The catacombs of Rome are the great store-houses of early Christian symbols. But we have here in the parish a very significant symbol- The Pelican. The Pelican is a symbol of Christ in the Blessed Eucharist. The bird has a crimson stain on its beak and people believed that, while really pruning its feathers, it was feeding its nestlings with blood drawn from its own breast. This particular symbol is on the base of the tabernacle in Carrickatubber.


Kilmore Diocesan Pilgrimage to Fatima to mark Centenary of the Apparations:

Pilgrimage departing Thursday 14th Sept and return Thursday 21st Sept. Spiritual Director: Fr. Tom Mannion, CC Glencar. for further information on booking contact Kilmore Pastrol Centre in Cavan on 049-4375004. Cost €759 per person sharing.

Blessing of the Graves:

Crosskeys:  Sunday the 23rd July.      Drumavaddy:  Sunday the  6th August.

Age & Opportunity. Social evening on Wednesday the 17th May, 2pm-5pm. Chiropodist will attend. Usual buses.

Denn Toddlers Playgroup: Community and parents are invited to attend a very important meeting regarding the future of The Denn Toddlers Playgroup on Mon 15th May at 7:30pm in the Resource Centre Crosskeys.

Lourdes Fund Cake Sale: Cake sale taking place this Sat the 13th May& Sun 14th  May

after Masses at both churches. Your support would be much appreciated to help to support two young local lads who are travelling over as helpers.

Denn GFC Blotto:

The Blotto Draw took place on 7th May. The winning numbers were; 1,2,22,30. There

was no jackpot winner. The weekly winners of €25 were; A & J McConnell, Pullakeel, Slowey's Syndicate c/o Slowey's,  John McPhilips, JP's Bar,   Paul Hyland & Fr. Peter McKiernan . The next draw will be on Mon the  15th May in The Den. Jackpot: €3,450.

Church Collection: Drumavaddy: 6th May  963.     Crosskeys: 7th May €1,102

Fr. Peter McKiernan: 049 4336102

     Email: Website:




                         St. Matthew’s Church, Crosskeys.

Mass Times.                       Mass Intentions.

Sun 14th May (11:00am)         James & Rose Smith.

Tue 16th May  (9:30am)                   

Thur 18th May (9:30am)

Fri 19th May   (7:30pm)            Tommy & Bridget Smith.              

Sun 21st May (11:00am)            People of the Parish.



Colours of day dawn into the mind                  So light up the fire and let the flame                        The sun has come up, the night is                           burn.  Open the door, let Jesus return

behind.                                                           Take seed of His Spirit      , let the fruit

Go down in the city, into the street,            grow. Tell the people of Jesus, let his

And let’s give the message to the                             love show.

people we meet.


I am the bread of Life.                                Chorus

I am the bread of life. He who                      And I will raise you up, and I will

comes to me shall not hunger.                         raise you up, and I will raise      

He who believes in me shall not                                 you up on the last day.

thirst. No one can come to me, unless

The father beckons.

Here I am Lord:

I, the Lord of Sea and Sky                           I who made the stars of night

I have heard my people cry                            I will make the darkness bright

All who dwell in dark and sin                        Who will bear my light to them?

My hand will save.                                          Whom shall I send?            


                               Here I am Lord, Is it I Lord.

                               I have heard you calling in the night.

                               I will go Lord, if you lead me.

                               I will hold your people in my heart.


Christ be our Light.

Longing for light, we wait in darkness           Longing for peace, our world is troubled.

Longing for truth, we turn to you,                Longing for hope, many despair. 

Make us your own, your holy people,             Your word alone has power to save us.    

Light for the world to see,                        Make us your living voice.

                                      Christ, be our light!

                                    Shine in our hearts.

                                    Shine through the darkness.

                                     Christ, be our light. Shine in

                                        your church gathered today.