St. Matthew’s Church, Drumavaddy.

Mass Times.                          Mass Intentions.

Sat 18th Feb (7:30pm)        Bernard & John Martin. Anniversary Mass     

Mon 20th Feb (7:15pm)         

Wed 22nd Feb (8:00pm)                   

Sat 25th Feb (7:30pm)        Maggie Mai & Michael Smith. Anniversary Mass.             


Confirmation & First Communion Class preparation this Saturday night     

at the 7:30pm Mass in Drumavaddy. (2nd & 6th Classes)


Martin Luther:

In 1517, 500 years ago Martin Luther who ten years earlier was ordained an Augustinian monk posted 95 theses on the cathedral door in Willenberg in Germany. His protestations were firmly focused on his belief that the Christian could do nothing to make reparation for their sins. The other main protest was that Jesus was not truly and substantially present in the Mass. His followers became known as protestants. Over the 500 years the protestant church has broken into 25,000 different sects mainly in U.S.A.

Drumavaddy Church Finance Committee:

Wish to thank the family of the late Charles Reilly Pullakeel, Carrickaboy, for their generous donation towards Drumavaddy church.

Recent death: Please remember in your prayers Rose Galligan, Denbawn, whose funeral took place during the week. May she rest in peace.

Slibh Glah Drama Group: are back. Keep the 24th & 25th March free more details later.

Cavan Library Services: Series of Spring talks on farm safety. Thur 2nd March at 8:30pm in Drumavaddy Community Centre. Guest Speakers: Peter Gohery Farm Accident Survivor & Arthur Byrne Safety Manager ESB Network. Everybody welcome.

Refreshment served. Enquiries to 049-4378505

Denn Gun Club: Table quiz in the Tank on Sat 25th February at 9.30pm. All welcome .

Drumavaddy Social & Development Group :

Our AGM which was cancelled last Mon Night in respect to the late Rose Galligan R.I.P. will take place on next Mon Feb 20th in Community Centre at 8.30pm. All welcome.

Denn GFC Monthly Meeting:

The monthly meeting will take place on Friday 24th February at 9pm in the clubrooms. All members are asked to attend.

Denn GFC Blotto: The Blotto Draw took place 13th February.  No Jackpot Winner. The winning numbers were; 5,6,25,28. €25 winners were: PJ & Hilda Lynch, Michael Cobey, Bernard Comiskey, Paul Gaffney, Paschal Galligan. Next draw on Monday 20th Feb, 2017

 in The Den.  Jackpot €2,850.

Church Collection: Drumavaddy:  11th Feb  1,010.     Crosskeys:  12th Feb:  €1029.

Fr. Peter McKiernan: 049 4336102

     Email: crosskeyskilmorediocese@gmail.comWebsite:



                             St. Matthew’s Church, Crosskeys.

Mass Times.                          Mass Intentions.

Sun 19th Feb (11:00am)      Alice Courtney Anniversary Mass.

Tue 21st Feb (9:30am)                    

Thur 23rd Feb (9:30am)         

Fri 24th Feb (7:30pm)          Bridget & Andy Lynch & James Brady Anniversary Mass

Sun 26th  Feb (11:00am)         Kathleen Reilly Farragh. Anniversary Mass.  


Crosskeys Church Finance Committee:

Meeting on Monday 27th February in the Sacristy at 8pm all members are asked to please attend.

Columban Missionaries: Fr.Oliver McCrossan  will visit the parish on 25/26th February

He will speak at both masses on the work of the Columban missionaries.

Crosskeys Church Finance Commitee:

Wish to thank the family of the late Charles Reilly, Pullakeel, Carrickaboy for their generous donation towards Crosskeys church.

Recent death: Please remember in your prayers Eillen Brady, Tullytrain, whose funeral

took place during the week.  May she rest in peace.

 Entrance Hymn.                                       

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound                                 T’was grace that taught my heart to fear,

that saved a wretch like me.                                and grace my fears relieved.

I once was lost but now I’m found,                     How precious did that grace appear

was blind, but now I see.                                      the hour I first believed


I watch the sunrise lighting the                        I watch the sunlight shine through the clouds

sky casting its shadows near,                            warming the earth below.       

And on this morning bright though                    and at the mid-day life seems to say

it be. I feel those shadows near me.                 I feel your brightness near me

For  you are always close to me                          For you are always close to me

following all my ways, May I be                         following all my ways, May I be always

always close to you, following all your                close to you, following all your ways, Lord.

ways, Lord.

Communion: Be Not Afraid:

You shall cross the barren desert                       You shall speak your words in foreign

but you shall not die of thirst, you shall             lands, and all will understand. You shall see

wander far in safety, though you do not            the face of God and live.

know the way,


                          Be not afraid, I go before you always

                                      Come follow me, and I will give you rest



As I Knee before you.         Chorus -

As I kneel before you,                 Ave Maria.                          All I have I give you,

As I bow my head in prayer,        Gratia plena,                     Every dream and wish are yours,

Take this day, make it yours                       Dominus tecum.                 Mother of Christ, Mother of mine,

and fill me with your love.           Benedicta tu.                      Present them to my Lord.