St. Matthew’s Church, Drumavaddy.

Mass Times.                            Mass Intentions.

Sat 18th Nov (7:30pm)             Mary Smith. M.M.M.

Mon 20th Nov (7:15pm)            Altar list.                   

Wed 22nd Nov (8:00pm)            Altar list.       

Sat 25th Nov (7:30pm)             Molly McCabe, 1st Anniversary.

                                      Baby Thomas Galligan.     


1. World Day of Families: New podcast from WMOF2018

Let’s Talk Family is a new weekly podcast from WMOF2018. This new podcast is coming to you weekly between now and next August and we hope to bring you all the news about how preparations are going for the 9th World Meeting of Families. But, we also hope to take time out on this podcast to talk about family. In this week’s episode Brenda Drumm is speaking to Ephrem Feeley - the composer of 'A Joy For All The Earth' - the official hymn for the 9th World Meeting of Families.  You can access the podcast here november-2017

2. This Sunday is the First World Day For The Poor.

3. Oscar Romero Family award. Archbishop Oscar Romero was shot dead during mass in

    El Salvador.

4. Every priest carries a little card like a debit card with the information contained on

    on it that he is in good standing in the diocese. This card is referred to as a

    celebret.  So if a priest decides to carry out and assist at sacraments he has to

    show this celebret to the resident priest. This regulation has been in place for many

    years and is part of the diocese's wish to protect the vulnerable.

5. We welcome our First Communion class as they take their first steps on the

    journey to receive for the first time.


Anyone that wishes to pay by cheque for Dues or any one of the collections, could you please make out all cheques to St. Matthews Church, Drumavaddy and state which

collection you are paying towards.

Camogie: Indoor camogie Mon night. Cavan Camogie church gate collection next weekend. Congratulations to Shanise Fitzsimons who has been awarded a Dual All Star

and will represent Ulster in football and camogie. Cash for Clobber continues until Nov  the 27th contact 087-9420001

Denn GFC Blotto: The Blotto Draw took place on 13th Nov. The winning numbers were; 13, 18, 23 & 29. The weekly winners of €25 were; Nancy Tierney,  Carmel Conaty, Noel Reilly, Faragh, Marian Connolly & Mark Quigley. No jackpot winner: Draw Mon 20th Nov in The Carraig Springs.  Jackpot: €4,800.

Church Collections: Drumavaddy 11th Nov €600  Crosskeys:12th Nov €720    

Fr. Peter McKiernan: 049 4336102

Email:    Website:


                               St. Matthew’s Church, Crosskeys.

Mass Times.                          Mass Intentions.

Sun 19th Nov (11:00am)          John & Brigid Smith.

Tue 21st Nov (9:30am)            Altar List       

Thur 23rd Nov (9:30am) Altar list        

Fri 24th Nov (7:30pm)            Mary Ferguson. 5th Anniversary.  

Sun 26th Nov (11.00am)          Altar list of the dead.             


The Diocese of Kilmore c.1100-1800 by Fr. Liam Kelly will be on sale after Mass in the Sacristy, cost €35


Anyone that wishes to pay by cheque for Dues, or any of the collections, could you please make out all cheques to St. Matthews Church, Crosskeys and state which collection you are paying towards.

Rural Social Scheme:

A vacancy is coming up in the Crosskeys area for the maintenance and upkeep of the grounds around Crosskeys Church and graveyard. Anyone in the area interested to get into the scheme please contact Thomas on 086-8346776 for further information.

Age and Opportunity:

Christmas Party on Sunday 10th December from 2pm to 7pm in Drumavaddy Community Centre. Transport available. Cost €15.  Please contact Margaret 086-0563202 or Evelyn  087-7697084 as we need to know how many will be attending.   


Going home, going home,                              Mother’s there expecting me.                

I’m going home.                                          Father’s waiting too.  

Quiet-like, some still day,                                                    Lots of folk gathered there.

I’m just going home.                                               All the friends I knew.  

It’s not far just close by                                All the friends I knew.                                    

through an open door.

 Work all done, care laid by, 

 going to fear no more.

In Bread we bring you, Lord.

In bread we bring you Lord, our bodies labour.

In wine, we offer you our spirits grief. We do

not ask you, Lord who is my neighbour? But stand

united now, in one belief. Oh we have gladly heard

your word, your holy word, and now in answer Lord

our gifts we bring. Our selfish hearts make true,

our failing faith renew, our lives belong to you, our Lord and King.

There is a Place.

There's a time for remembering, a time to recall.

The trials and the triumphs, the fears and the falls.

There's a time to be grateful for moments so blest,

The jewels of our memory where love is our guest.