St. Matthew’s Church, Drumavaddy.

Mass Times.                           Mass Intentions.

Sat 27th Jan (7:30pm)             People of the Parish.

Mon 29th Jan (7:15pm)            Pat, Mary, John, Maggie, Molly, Maggie Corr                                               and deceased family members.          

Wed 31st Jan (8:00pm)            Joe & Mary Boylan, Ardvarney.              

Fri 2nd Feb (8:30pm)(1st Fri)      Pat Cobey.

                                                Blessing of candles for church & home &

                                                blessing of throats.

Sat 3rd Feb (7:30pm)              People of the Parish.                  


St. Blaise was a bishop in Sebastea in what is now called Armenia when Roman Imperial soldiers began to persecute the Christians 311 AD. So he had to flee for his life and lived in a cave in the mountains. But eventually he was discovered and captured. While he was dragged off to prison, a mother came with her young son who had fish bone lodged in his throat. At Blaise's command the child was able to cough up the bone. St. Blaise was beaten first then suspended from a tree and his skin was torn off him with iron combs and finally he was beheaded. St. Blaise knew what it was to suffer for Jesus' name and he became a martyr in 316 AD.

Note on Financial Statements of the Diocese of Kilmore

Please find below a link to the Financial Statements of the Diocese of Kilmore for the year ended 31st December 2016, approved by the Diocesan Finance Committee and filed with the Charities Regulatory Authority, which have been published on the diocesan website. You will also find a copy of the letter, signed by Bishop Leo, to accompany publication.

Pastoral Council: meeting Monday the 12th February at 8:30pm in Drumavaddy.

Denn Age & Opportunity: Are invited to join Kilnaleck Group on Wed the  7th   of Feb from 2 to 5pm. Number are needed please phone Evelyn on 087-769784 or

Margaret on 086-0563202 by 1st February 2018

Altar Society for Feb 2018: Patricia Finlay, Margaret Gaffney.

Collectors for Feb. Michael Reilly, Ardlougher, Seamus Galligan, Seamus McCabe & Matt Kiernan.

Reader. Linda McSherry.

Recent death: Please remember in your prayers Brian Gaffney late of Banahoe

whose funeral took place in Drumkilly during the week. May he rest in peace.

The Diocese of Kilmore c.1100-1800 by Fr. Liam Kelly is on sale after Mass in the Sacristy in Crosskeys and Drumavaddy Churches, cost €35.

Drumavaddy Finance Committee: wish to thank  the recently married couple for their donation towards the church.

Camogie: Indoor camogie every Monday 6-7pm & 7-8pm. Stick/Helmets provided. Blitz days will be starting in Feb/March

Denn GAA Blotto:    No details sent in.

Church Collections: Drumavaddy: Sat 20th Jan: €480    Crosskeys: 21st Jan: €750                     

Fr. Peter McKiernan: 049 4336102

Email:    Website:


                                    St. Matthew’s Church, Crosskeys.

Mass Times.                             Mass Intentions.

Sun 28th Jan (11:00am) Kathleen Reilly & deceased family members.

                                     John Tighe. 7th Anniversary.

Tue 30th Jan (9:30am)                      

Thur 1st Feb (9:30am)                              

Fri 2nd Feb   (7.30pm)(1st Fri)    Dot & Patsy Fay & deceased family members.

                                               Blessing of candles for church & home. Blessing      

                                      of throats.

Sun 4th Feb (11.00am)           Andrew Maguire.


First Friday:

Fr. Peter will visit the sick and housebound at the usual times.

ESB Expenses 2017:    Drumavaddy:  €837.92              Crosskeys: €1,378.16

Collectors for Feb 2018.  Bernard Keogh & Francis Brady, Lishenry.

Altar Society Feb 2018. Sheila Smith & Margaret Crowe.



Seek ye first the kingdom of God             Ask, and it shall be given unto you:

And his righteousness. and all these         Seek, and you shall find. 

things shall be added unto you.                 Knock, and it shall be open unto you

Hallelu, Hallelujah! x 2                             Hallelu, Hallelujah!


Offertory: Here I am Lord

I, the Lord of Sea and Sky                         I who made the stars of night

I have heard my people cry                      I will make the darkness bright

All who dwell in dark and sin                     Who will bear my light to them?

My hand will save.                                   Whom shall I send?       


I the Lord of wind and flame                       Here I am Lord, is it I Lord?

I will attend the poor and                             I have heard you calling in the night.

 lame.  I will set a feast                                I will go Lord, if you lead me.

 for them. My hand will save.                        I will hold your people in my heart.


Communion: Be Not Afraid:

You shall cross the barren desert                        You shall speak your words in

but you shall not die of thirst, you                        foreign lands, and will understand.

wander far in safety, through you             You shall see the face of God and

do not know the way.                               live.

Chorus: Come follow me, and I will give you rest.

This is the day:

This is the day, this is the day                 This is the day that the Lord has

That the Lord has made, that the Lord    made We will rejoice and be

has made We will rejoice, we will rejoice,   glad in it. This is the day this is              

and be glad in it, and be glad in it                the day that the Lord has made.