St. Matthew’s Church, Drumavaddy.

Mass Times.                              Mass Intentions.

Sat 29th July (7:30pm)            Mary Ellen & Roy McKinney. Anniversary Mass.    

Mon 31st July (7:15pm)                                                 

Wed 2nd Aug (8:00pm)             Ned McKiernan. Anniversary Mass.

Fri 4th Aug (8;30pm)(1st Fri)      Kathleen Hyland. Anniversary Mass.

Sat 5th Aug                         (No Vigil Mass) 

Sun 6th Aug (11.00am)             Faithfully departed (Blessing of the Graves)  


First Fri 4th Aug : Fr. Peter will visit the sick and housebound at the usual times.

Blessing of the graves: in Drumavaddy after 11am Mass on Sunday the 6th August. Please remember to bring along with you holy water to bless your graves.



Angels are part of nearly every religion's belief system. Most of our understanding of the Angels comes to us as revealed by the Jewish religion. Gabriel is considered to be the number one followed by Michael and Raphael. The next level of Angels is the type known as the ministering Angels which we know as the cherubim and the seraphim and their function is to help God administer the universe. The seraphim have three sets of wings who guard God's throne. They are so called the word mean burning and their devotion to God is so great as it is a burning love. The cherubim are Angels with human or animal characteristics and their function is to guard sacred places and continually to praise God.

Trocaire: Collection will take place after holy communion this Sat night in Drumavaddy and tomorrow Sunday in Crosskeys  please support this worldly cause.

Collectors Aug: Matt Kiernan, Sean Gaffney, Crumlin, Tommy Kiernan & Patsy Lynch.

Altar Society: Rosellen Cooke, Anne Clarke, Mary McPhillips & Philomena Reilly.

Reader: Carmel Galligan.

Festival of The Hills: Starts Fri 4th Aug,  Gogglebox at 9pm sharp, followed by Music Ian Pickens. Sat at 3pm Community walk. At 9pm The Mr. & Mrs. Show in the Tank Bar. Sun 6th Aug after Blessing of the Graves Performance workshop from 2pm to 4pm in Drumavaddy Hall. Free of charge. Mon 7th Aug Family fun day in Pat Morgan's field, U12 football. Denn V Crosserlough. 3pm Sport races etc. At 3:30pm Little Mr. & Miss Denn 2017 & Bonny Baby Compt. & Magic & Puppet Show.

Denn GFC Blotto: The Blotto Draw took place on 24th July. The winning numbers were; 1, 5, 7, 13. There was no jackpot winner. The weekly winners of €25 were; Kathleen Conaty, Carriga, Michelle McMahon, Ita Tierney, Ranrenagh, Seamus Donohoe, Glencurran & Barry Smith, Tullytrain. Next draw will be on Mon, 31st July in The Carraig Springs.  Jackpot: €4,000.

Church Collection:  Drumavaddy: 22nd  July €450      Crosskeys: 23rd July €1,685.

Fr. Peter McKiernan: 049 4336102

Email:   Website:


                                St. Matthew’s Church, Crosskeys.

Mass Times.                           Mass Intentions.

Sun 30th July (11:00am)         Charles, Margaret & Jimmy Smith. Anniversary Mass.

Tue 1st Aug (9:30am)

Thur 3rd Aug (9:30am) 

Fri 4th Aug (7:30pm)(1st Fri)      Dolly & Ned McMahon. Anniversary Mass.          

Sat 5th Aug (7:30pm)             Jim McDonagh. Anniversary Mass.


(No Sunday Mass) Mass for the Weekend of 5th/6th Aug.

Vigil Mass in Crosskeys on Saturday 5th Aug at 7:30pm. This is to facilitate Sunday morning Mass for the Blessing of the Graves in Drumavaddy at 11am on Sun 6th Aug.

Collectors for August. Eugene Smith & John McBreen.

Entrance Hymn.                                      

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound    T’was grace that taught my heart to fear,

that saved a wretch like me.               and grace my fears relieved.

I once was lost but now I’m found,                   How precious did that grace appear

was blind, but now I see.                      the hour I first believed

Christ be our Light.

Longing for light, we wait in darkness           Longing for peace, our world is troubled.

Longing for truth, we turn to you,                Longing for hope, many despair. 

Make us your own, your holy people,             Your word alone has power to save us.    

Light for the world to see,                        Make us your living voice.

                                      Christ, be our light!

                                    Shine in our hearts.

                                    Shine through the darkness.

                                     Christ, be our light. Shine in

                                        your church gathered today.

Lay your hands:

Lay your hands gently upon us,                    You were sent to free the broken hearted.

Let their touch render your peace,           You were sent to give sight to the blind.  

Let them bring your forgiveness and         You desire to heal all our illness.              

healing,  Lay your hands gently                  Lay your hands, gently lay your hands.

Lay your hands.

Lady of Knock:

There were people of all ages gathered         Through your message was unspoken,

around the gable wall poor and humble men      still the truth in silence lies as we  

and women, little children that you called         gaze upon your vision, and the truth I

we are gathered here before you, and our        try to find, here I stand with John the

hearts are just the same filled with joy at       teacher, and with Joseph at your side

such a vision, as we praise your name.               and I see the Lamb of God, on the altar

Golden Rose, Queen of Ireland, all my cares     glorified. Golden Rose Queen of Ireland

 and troubles cease as we kneel with love        all my cares and trouble cease as we

before you, Lady of Knock, my Queen of           kneel with love before you Lady of   

Peace.                                                          Knock, my Queen of Peace

                      And the lamb will conquer and the woman

                      clothed in the sun will shine her light on everyone (x2)