St. Matthew’s Church, Drumavaddy.



Mass Times.                               Mass Intentions.

Sat      2nd  July                   7:30pm. Christina Martin, Drumcrow. 

Mon    4th July  7:15pm.     Clare & Edward Gaffney, Crimlin.

Wed.  6th July 8.00pm                                             

Sat      9th July  7:30pm.     James Donohoe and James & Mary Tully.


Reader for July.        Caoimhe Skinnader.


Altar Society, July.    Rosaleen Cooke & Mary McPhillips.


Eucharistic Minister.  9th July. Carmel Galligan.


Church Collection:    Drumavaddy: 25th June. € 498.


Cemetery Sunday,     Drumavaddy 31st July


Rosary Monday evening 6.50pm.

St. Matthew’s Church, Crosskeys.


 Mass Times.                                    Mass Intentions.

Sun          3rd July. 11.00am.

Tue          5th July.   9:30am.

Thurs       7th July.   9.30am.            

Fri.           8th July.   7.30pm.                        

Sun.        10th July. 11.00am.


Please pray for the happy repose of the soul of Paddy Dowd, Lackenclare, who died during the week. May he rest in peace.


Church Collection: Crosskeys: 26th June. €478


July Collectors Paul Hyland, Banaho & Thomas Smyth, Lishenry.


Altar Society: Patricia Smith, Ann Carolan


Eucharistic Minister. July. Leon McGinnell.


Cemetery Sunday, Crosskeys 24th  July


Devotion to The Holy Face of Jesus.  Drumavaddy Church Tuesday 6.30pm, to pray for the community, especially families helpless in the face of suicide.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Crosskeys Church on each Tuesday from 10.00am. to 5.00pm.  



The Synodal Pathway.


In October 2021, Denn parish Council, like parish councils throughout the diocese, met to begin the conversation, initiated by Pope Francis, to address the future of faith and church.

Since then, submissions from all parishes who engaged have been collated and, with reports from diocese throughout Ireland will form the report from the Irish Church to Rome.


The report from The Diocese of Kilmore may be accessed here:


Submissions included:


·           Faith is still good news, it provides guidance and direction in daily life.


·           There is a desire for a church that speaks the language of the people and reflects their lives in its liturgies.  The church needs to present a genuine welcome and equality of opportunity to women and minority groups and show more compassion and welcome to those who in the past were ostracised because of life choices or mistakes.


·           Positions of leadership and ministry should not be confined to celibate male clergy.


·           There is also a voice that calls on the church to hold firm. The sense here is that it is for the wider society to change, not the church.


·           Voice of Youth. There is a calling for the church to, become relevant to modern life and experience,  acknowledging their sins and becoming a more tolerant and understanding place where young people feel like they are valued, accepted listen to and, most importantly, safe. Young people are a particular group that need to be included in parish life by way of liturgies and pastoral initiatives.



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