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When Drumavaddy National School closed in 1978 the local curate, Fr Oliver O'Reilly, suggested that a Community Centre on or near the site of the now vacant school.  

After much fund raising and hard work the Community Centre opened its doors on the 22nd of February 1982 with a gala ball to the music of Louise Morrissey and her band. 

In 2007 major work has been carried out on the school building. It has been developed into a large meeting room with a modern kitchen and toilets being added. Repairs were carried out and all of the Community Centre was painted this year in preparation for the Denbawn & Drumavaddy school re-union which took place in August 2007.

In September 2012 the Community Centre was leased to Drumavaddy Social and Development Association for a period of ten years and they secured a large grant to replace the asbestos roof on the Centre.  New windows and doors were put in and the whole building was drylined. New toilets were added and a meeting room was developed on the balcony.  It is now completed and it may be booked by telephoning Rosaleen at 086 0293783.